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The companys revenue is up 30 percent year over year since April 2015. A few major dairy companies, such as Denmarks Arla Foods , have developed products containing acid whey over the years. In Iceland, makers of a popular yogurt-like soft cheese product called skyr bottle and sell acid whey and call it Mysa , but supply exceeds demand. In the past few years, General Mills has filed patents for methods of neutralizing the whey to expand its potential uses. And in April 2014, a Wisconsin dairy scientist named Larry Bell filed a patent for a nutritious beverage formed from fluid acid whey and a method of forming a nutritious beverage by combining fluid acid whey and a juice. That is to say, The White Moustache seemingly stands alone in the American market with acid whey-based products. Also, unlike Bells proposed beverages, Dashtaki and her team's fruit juice whey products do not contain added sweeteners. To inform the public about acid whey, Dashtaki and Anderson have tied recipe tags to the bottles, attended foodie events such as Taste of Red Hook and Cheers NY and hope to conduct in-store demonstrations once the company grows. Theyre even in the process of writing a cookbook, for which theyre inventing and taste-testing several recipes, as well as launching a whey counsel via the web. The pair's main strategy is to get the message out to people who already understand the value of whey, such as its restaurant partners and Whole Foods's Truesdell. Working with them keeps us going and gets us talking about it in the right ways, Dashtaki says. Related: Three Tips for Reinventing a Product Meanwhile, acid whey is on the radar of food scientists.

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